NEW: Our Virtual Online Classes

I’m sure you’re as concerned about the COVID-19 Crisis as we are, but we’re ALSO hearing about an unexpected side effect I’m sure you’re getting concerned about.

I’ve been getting emails, text messages, FB messages, and more from parents in our community, telling me how difficult it has been on their children to be cooped up at home, filled with too many hours of mindless video games and social media.

We know how important it is for you and your children in this difficult time to have a sense of normalcy and routine, and these types of disruptions can have a MUCH deeper effect than you might imagine.

During times of difficulty and stress, it’s CRITICAL for people (especially children) to feel secure and know they can count on the people they consider mentors (parents, teachers, leaders, etc.). 

I’m PROUD to announce that we have an engaging, valuable, and GREAT way to help you with that!

To Start, Please Text to 908-967-8132 or click the link below to sign up and schedule a 15 minute Beginner Class.

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